The Six Days in one word? Hard! Watch the Red Bull video

The Six Days of Enduro is the event that you'll tell to everyone. The second day of competition, with the strain on the shoulders and the finish line so far, seems impossible to accomplish. Only preparation, tenacity, strength and determination can lead you up to the sixth day. After 5 days, 18 Special Tests and more than31 hours in the saddle, get to the gate of the Final Event is heroic. You need to find your last energy to fight in the final and to overtake opponents to see the chequered flag. At that moment, think about the week and you say: "I did it". At that moment, hands ruined by the efforts, muscles and bruises do not exist ( ypu'll feel it very soon).

One last look at those 10,000 people who have supported you on the track, your fellow adventurers and then... the deserved celebrations.

Now just enjoyed the Actionclip of Red Bull to relive the excitement of the fantastic ISDE 2013 in Sardinia.

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