ISDT 1968: 366 pages about the Six Days 43th edition

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Roberto Biza and Marcello Grigorov have finished their most recent work, ISDT 1968, presenting ,at the 2013 FIM ISDE  the book dedicated to the 43th edition of the International Six Days of Regularity in San Pellegrino Terme (Italy)  on the occasion of the 45 anniversary of the event. The book is composed by 336 pages full of over 370 pictures in black and white and color images - many of which are new –, reports, roadmaps , floor plans and detailed descriptions of the various paths days of competition, rankings, sheets of motorcycles , interviews with players accompanied by the English version of the book.

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A complete work of an important event: a work that must be in the library of the fans. The authorsagreed to standardize the size of the book to the one of Javier Benito Alvarez, dedicated to the ISDT 1970 in order to start a series of books that will continue with future publications always devoted to the International Six Days. The book coast 80 euros. To order it, visit

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