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SIX DAYS OF ENDURO 2013 - (FIM ISDE 2013) - Enduro World Championship for National Teams
In Gallura (Sardinia - Italy) from September 30 to October 5, 2013.

Info & Numbers:
• 100 years since the first edition. The last Six Days in Italy was in 1997
• 627 riders representing 36 countries
• 4.000 insiders
• Every day, 6 hours of race, 1-hour of special stages, 250 km of routes

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The International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) will take place in Gallura from September 30 to October 5. It's the oldest motorcycle event and in Sardinia it will celebrate 100 years since its first edition. The event will include 627 riders from 36 nations, 4,000 professionals and thousands of italian and foreigners fans.

The opening ceremony will be on saturday, September 28,  while the closing ceremony will take place on Saturday october 5.Nel paddock will be organized Throughout the race day, in the paddock there will be entertainment and the opportunity to meet partners of the event. The most important moments of the race days are the start and the finish (from 14:00 until the closing time).
Special Tests determine the ranking of the event.The sixth day will be special and unique thanks to the EICMA Final Event that will take place at "Sergio Bruschi" cross park in Tempio. At the end of it, national World Champion team will be declared. Its format, different from the previous days of competition , will make it spectacular and exciting .

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At each start, forty riders will fight for the whole races to give to their fans great emotions. Seven hours of Motocross for an adrenalic day, the most exciting day of the 2013 FIM ISDE.

Starting list Day 1

Supplementary Regulations upd. 07.05.13
Règlement Particulier upd. 07.05.13

S.E.L. Recommended Forwarding Agent

Pre-entries Accepted Report upd. 11.06.13
Pre-Registration Report upd. 28.02.13

Click to read the official brochure of the Six Day 2013 in the following languages:

Brochure in English 
Brochure in Italiano
Brochure en Français
Folleto en Español
Broschüre in Deutsch


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