Ala' dei Sardi

Alà dei Sardi: a museum under the open sky

In Alà dei Sardi territory, there are all kind of protosardinian monuments: dolmens, nuragues and the so called “tombs of giants”. The village arise on a plateau 700 meters above the sea level, in an area rich in woods and in strangely granitic shaped rocks. Watching the horizon, we can see Tavolara island.

The old town centre, characterized by narrow and winding streets, dates back to 1600. Alà dei Sardi area has always been densely populated since ancient times as nuragic monument and villages testify. In Roman times there probably was a military camp, while in Middle Ages it was part of the Torres District. Sos Nurattolos is a really interesting archeological site, with his sacred source, a little temple and some huts. The economy is based on pastoral activity, with growing craft sector such as cork and granite processing.

Alà dei Sardi looks to the next Six Days with great interest and its mayor, Mario Carta, confirms it: “We can rely on a large number of sport organizations whose activity is encouraged by the municipal administration. I can see the passion in many young people that want to welcome 2013 ISDE in the best way possible. Technical offices and all local authorities are working all together to guarantee the best welcome to a great event like Six Days. One of the most important thing for us, is the cooperation among public administration, private operators and every organization”.


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