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Arzachena: the pride of ancient roots

Arzachena, surrounded by fascinating beaches and wonderful nature, is located within the famous Costa Smeralda. One of the most interesting place is La Prisgiona, part of the archeological park of Arzachena, with its ancient path and nuraghes ruins. Furthermore, the presence of the impressive ruins of "Tombe dei Giganti" (giants' graves) make those places much more charming.

During the Roman Emperor Arzachena were named Turibulum Minor, and, until the 19th century it has been just a little village. In 1962 a small group of international business men founded the "Consorzio Costa Smeralda", with the purpose of growing the touristic development of the village. Today Arzachena is a perfect way in the middle between touristic excellence and the proud of the ancient roots of the community.

The Major Alberto Ragnedda, talking about the FIM ISDE, said: "There's so much enthusiasm! We're aware of the prestigious and the importance of the event. For sure the FIM ISDE 2013 will contribute to improve the tourism for our region, that mix the beauty of Costa Smeralda with a thousand-year history."

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