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Calangianus, cork's capital

Calangianus, 518 meters on sea level, it's famous for cork's manufacturing. The little town is placed at the bottom of Limbara mountain, in a valley surrounded by mountains and woods, and there is a Cork's Museum that give us an idea of 150 years of the activity that has became Calangianus the cork's capital. Really exciting is the view  of the beautiful churches placed in the town and in the farmland.

The history said us that, around 1500, people of Calangianus went in the hinterland to escape to the pirates, founding the current town. The main activities were agriculture and sheep farming until 19th century, when some french businessmen decided to live in the town converting the cork's wood in a way of prosperity. The cork's manufacturing became profitable and most of the population has been working on.

The Major, Gio Martino Loddo, speaking on 2013 FIM ISDE said: "Calangianus, cork's capital, will be ready for an important event such as Six Days. We will organise tours of holy and archaeological places of our landscape, placed in the heart of Gallura"


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