Loiri Porto San Paolo

Loiri Porto San Paolo: a special town

Lori Port San Paolo is a single municipality, but the charm is double because it includes two villages, both very attractive but with different features.  Loiri is about 15 km away from the shore, while Porto San Paolo is a tourist centre overlooking the sea.

Nuragic, Punic and Roman communities hunted in the woods near Loiri and fished in the clear waters of Porto San Paolo. Between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries, in this area – as in all of Gallura – Stazzi community developed. The name derives from the rural houses built in the area. Nearby, there are renowned seaside resorts such as Costa Dorata e Porto Taverna and  a wonderful marine protected area: Tavolara Capo Coda Cavallo. Today, Loiri Porto San Paolo has 3.500 inhabitants, in addition to the 15.000 tourist during the summer.

In the town,  the FIM ISDE 2013 is keenly awaited as the Major, Giuseppe Meloni, confirms: “We are really excited about Six Days, that will allow tourists to come in our wonderful land. Loiri Porto San Paolo has a great sea, a beautiful inland and people is very hospitable. It’s the ideal area to have unforgettable days”.


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