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Padru: old villages and fairy landscapes

Set among hills, mountains and wonderful landscape, Padru is really close from many famous beaches, such as Costa Smeralda, and this is probably the main reason to explain its constant development. One of the most amazing place of Padru is Pedra Bianca, a small village of the 18th century surrounded by peaks that look at a lovely valley. From the top of mount Nieddu, the highest mountain of the region Gallura, the gaze going slowly to Corsica. An interesting archeoligical location is "Santu Miali", where it has been founded rest of a Roman mansion, a necropolis and two medieval churches. Really striking is Valle del Lerno, a natural valley that rappresented a perfect place for enduro's riders with its path plenty of rivers, stones, roots and sand.

The Major, Antonio Satta, and his administrators organize a lot of cultural event, such as Biennale di Pittura, a painting exhibition dedicated to Sardinia. Speaking on FIM ISDE 2013, the Major said: "We are ready to be one of the leading district of the Sardinia. The Six Days will be a fantastic chance and we want to cath it in the best way. We are working with all the region and with the President of Moto Club Padru, Mr. Gavino Mandras, to make our best."

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