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Telti: ancient traditions, wonderful landascapes

Telti is a village surrounded by the countryside and has a great natural heritage. Located near the Limbara Mount, the territory is characterized by wooded hills and granite boulders eroded by the windTelti old town develops around the Cathedral, entirely built in granite. Santa Vittoria church is the heart of the village but another church to visit is San Bachisio, near an ancient cemetery. Telti is home to the Cultural and Natural Museum of Sardinia. There are hundreds of insects and an “Argia”, the only poisonous spider in Sardinia; moreover, there are traces of the Neolithic era and, in the surrounding, we can find “domus de janas” - prehistoric tombs carved into the rocks – and nuraghes.

The Mayor of Telti, Gianfranco Pinducciu – asked about 2013 FIM ISDE – said: “We’ll do our best to welcome fans and tourists: they will appreciate local traditions and food. Our community is very hospitable and sociable and the life quality is very high. For this reason many strangers, in the last years, decided to live in Telti”.


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