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Olbia, the excitement for the 2013 FIM ISDE

It will be the 2013 FIM ISDE headquarters, fans and riders will live there for more than ten days. We’re talking about Olbia, the city that will host the Six Days paddock.

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Looking at the event, the enthusiasm of the city is high and Olbia’s mayor, Gianni Giovannelli, expresses it: “Six Days  is the most important 2013 sporting event for our territory and the whole Sardinia. It’s a wonderful opportunity to let the people appreciate all our beauties. For this aim, we made available our technical structure of the municipal administration for the Italian Motorcycling Federation organizers. We are working really hard. Moreover, I want to stress the enthusiastic answer of the operators that work in tourism sector: the Six Days will be an opportunity to raise again their business”.

In Sardinia Enduro fans will visit a land full of History. Ancient Greeks used to call Olbia “The Joyful City”.  Situated on the north-east Sardinian coast, in front of a  big natural harbour and surrounded by hills, Olbia has great landscapes. The harbour, sheltered from the wind, has always been essential in Olbia’s history, one of the Mediterranean Sea most ancient cities. In 2800 years, various communities made tracks of their presence. Monuments and relics recovered in huge quantities during excavations testify nuragic civilizations, Phoenician and Greeks settlements, the Carthaginian and Roman dominations and the Vandal arrival before the Middle Ages.

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Nowadays, Olbia’s historic centre is very attractive for shoppers, foodies and nightlife lovers. A few kilometers from the city center there are wonderful beaches with white sand and crystal blue sea. The inland is rich in trails, forests, and picturesque villages embedded between granitic rocks. Olbia will be the main reception point of the 2013 ISDE, the centenary edition of the Six Days. In his harbour will be setted the paddock, the reference point of the event, the centre of the city excitement.



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