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Tempio Pausania: the Final Event theater

The history of Tempio Pausania begins in the Neolithic Age, as evidenced by  dolmens and nuraghes. Since its inception, the venue became the point of reference of his territory. During the roman period the village were called “Gemelleae”, while the name “Templum” appeared for the first time in an ecclesiastical document in 1173. In 1506, thanks to the union between Civita and Ampurias dioceses , Tempio became episcopalian. In the early twentieth century the city population increased -  because of the countryside abandonment –  but the city centre plan is still the same, with beautiful churches and buildings. Near Tempio we can find redwoods, chestnuts and oaks groves crossed by streams and nature trails.

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The economy is grounded on small and medium businesses based on cork and granite carving, on agriculture and livestock holdings. Romeo Frediani, Tempio’s Mayor interviewed about 2013 ISDE, says: “We are grateful to the Italian Motorcycling Federation for choosing Sardinia for a great event such as Six Days. Tempio’s Moto Club had an important role and in 2013 celebrated his 50th anniversary. There couldn’t be a better recognition than the organization of the final Crosstest in the motocross track “Sergio Bruschi. The race will be held in a wonderful scenery. The municipal administration is working very hard, beginning with Roberto Cossu, director of city tourism, sport and culture. We know that, for our region, 2013 ISDE is an excellent showcase, a big opportunity to let the people know our beauties and to draw news tourists ”.


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