A great Six Days...also on the web

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A Six Days of records under all points of view. Not only looking at the "real" numbers ( such as the 627 riders and the public in Gallura), but also to the "virtual". Just thin, for example, about the website - www.fim isde2013.com or to the social networks pages linked to it.

The website During the last month, the 2013 FIM ISDE website were visited 250.000 times (100,000 unique visitors ) of which one-third from mobile device. It's easy to imagine the fans along the tracks looking at their tablets or mobile phones. The expectation was spasmodic, in fact in the first day of competition, September 30, there where the highest number of visits. Where? From more than 155 countries worldwide , with a podium almost identical to that of the World Trophy. In this case, however , the winner was Italy , country from which came the greatest number of contacts.  France got second and the United States third.

Live Timing 2,200,000 pages have been opened with a record average of over 20 minutes per visit . The most clicked page after the homepage was the one of the results, thanks to a made in Italy innovation: the live timing for nations, made ??possible thanks to the collaboration of Fabrizio Brunozzi and Infomega.  Speaking about results, a great success was made by www.fim-isde-live.info, which had more than 90,000 unique visitors.

Social The twitter profile can count on numerous followers, among whom there are Johnny Aubert and Deny Philippaerts (just to name two) while on the youtube channel of the FMI, "federmoto", and the one of Streamago you can watch all the ISDE videos, which until now have been viewed 120,000 times. Large numbers also replicated on Facebook. As of 24 September, likes on the "Sardinia ISDE 2013" page were 5,000. Now, they are almost the double.

These numbers were made possible thanks to the passion of the Six Days of Enduro fans. A big passion before, during and after an event that gave great numbers and great emotions.

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