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The term Enduro derives from the English word "endurance", since this discipline, mainly practices on unpaved roads and tracks with any conditions of the terrain and weather, requires considerable physical resistance on the part of the riders.

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Enduro, called Regularity up to the 1970s, it is mainly held on routes open to traffic, with preset speeds and checkpoint times, in compliance with the current highway code.

As in automobile rallies, Enduro has routes to follow in a set time, with time checks to respect, and special timekeeping events: “rows” or “Cross Tests”, and “in line” or “Enduro Tests”.

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In 2004, with the admission of 4-stroke engines, the world Enduro championship abandoned the previous 125, 250 and 500 classes, and adopted 3 categories: E1, E2 and E3, where 2-stroke bikes compete together with 4-stroke bikes (e.g. 125 2T and 250 4T).

Enduro, with 7,000 riders, is the most widely practiced motorcycle discipline in Italy.


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