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Thalassa Azione Gallura in the FIM ISDE 2013 paddock

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Friday, September 27 will be a special day for the FIM ISDE 2013 and for “Thalassa Azione Gallura”. The volunteers of no profit association chaired by Desirée Melis will engaged in “VIII RADUNO DEL CUORE “ (MEETING OF THE HEART), a day to help people sick of Thalassemia, realised thanks to the collaboration between Thalassa Azione Gallura and FIM ISDE 2013.

In the Olbia paddock, from 8:15 to 13:00 of Friday September 27, there will be the chance for anyone who wanted to donate their own blood, giving a concrete help to many people suffering from Thalassemia, a chronic disease which forces those affected to a transfusion every 15/20 days to the whole duration of their lives.

For more info have a look below to the invitation letter for the event signed by Desirée Melis:

Dear Friends,

The Volunteers of Thalassa Azione Gallura Non Profit Association are proud to invite all of you to their 8th “RADUNO DEL CUORE” (LOVE GATHERING), a day of joy intended to raise public awareness to the blood donation for Thalassemia affected people, realized thanks to the support and cooperation of the ISDE 2013 Organizing Staff.

Sardinia is one of the regions with the highest rate in the world of healthy people carrying Microcythemia and people suffering from Thalassemia (about a thousand people suffering from Thalassemia Major and about one hundred people suffering from Intermediate Thalassemia). Considering that people suffering from this chronic disease require a transfusion every 15/20 days to the duration of their lives, we kindly ask all of you to support our non-profit association, moved by the highest spirit of solidarity, by participating to the blood donation which will be held on the morning of September 27, 2013 from 8:15 am to 1:00 pm inside the Paddock area.


Because you can easily have a full blood test, Because blood is a drug we can’t reproduce in laboratories, Because anyone could possibly need it, Because it’s easy and safe to do it, Because all adults can do it.


All healthy adults between 18 and 60 years old, All people having a regular pulse beats per minute, Anyone with no serious illness in their past, Anyone with a good blood pressure, Anyone not assuming any kind of drugs for the 5 days prior to the donation, Anyone having a good hemoglobin. The blood donation will be carried out by the Olbia Public Hospital medical and paramedical staff aboard a fully equipped mobile surgery specially parked inside the Paddock.

Before the donation every donor will have to honestly fill in a questionnaire, and then every potential donor will be interviewed and examined by the doctor to test the eligibility to the donation. It is possible to have a light breakfast before the donation. People interested in giving their blood for the very first time are kindly requested to show up in the early hours, best before 10 am.

The volunteers of Thalassa Azione Gallura will attend to the whole donation and solidarity event and they will support the donors in filling in their questionnaires and will give them an Italian brunch after the donation.

The executive and all the volunteers hope they can count on your large participation.

We do need you.

Thank you so much.

M. Desirée Melis, Chairman of Thalassa Azione Gallurar 

Click here for the event flier

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