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Sardinia, the Six Days' heaven

Sardinia, the Mediterranean island known for its crystal clear waters and the cultural heritage, for its mild climate and the unique landscapes. The 2013 FIM ISDE location will be the perfect stage to appraise an event which celebrates its 100 years.

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Famous throughout the world as an ideal destination for the summer season, Sardinia offers a great variety of landscapes. For this reason, different civilizations have been settled there over the millennia. Today you can visit the Nuraghe, special prehistoric dwellings still intact, and you relive the culture of so-called "Sardinia Giudicale" and "Kingdom of Sardinia". And if in Alghero you will admire natural caves, in the province of Oristano are clearly visible remains of Roman times. Not to mention the more recent Spanish culture, Aragonese in particular that has influenced the history of the island.

Tourism is '"trump card" of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, which in recent years  focused on the seasonal adjustment. The Six Days of Enduro will be of great help for it. In Sardinia, engines have always done their part: one of the world's most prestigious car rallies is the Rally of Sardinia, which collects a large audience since 2004 and takes place on the same roads on which riders of the FIM ISDE 2013 will race.

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